Old Brick

The pattern of the tile is an accurate replica of an old brick.

It is produced using an entirely manual manufacturing process, meaning it is possible to achieve an excellent reproduction of an old brick wall.

The pattern is based on products from more than a hundred years old brickyards in the Mazovia and Kashubia regions of Poland.

We produce the old brick in a variety of different colors.

Streaks, as well as lighter or darker discolorations, are characteristic for the material.

Complete with uneven surface details, manual forming and coloring and slight variations in dimensions, the tiles are a precise replica of the original.

The stylistic effect can be completed with corner pieces in classic, window sill or lintel options.

MILKE tiles make reference to history of brick production, in particular to handmade “finger” bricks known in Poland as “palcówki”, considered to be hand-crafted artisan products.

As in the past, our tiles feature indentations made by the fingers of the artisan brickmaker.

The most classic version of MILKE Old Brick, in natural color, can be used both in private 
and public investments, including the renovation of listed buildings and brick façades.

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