New Brick

The pattern of the tile combines the traditional face of old brick with the modern trend for the use of brick cladding in architecture.

Its shape has a rectangular outline. The production process is entirely manual.
It is precisely this hand-worked technology, and its simplicity, that give it its strength of form.

In the new line style, appropriate color schemes play an important role.
We color our bricks by hand, offering a wide variety of different versions.
The shades of the finished products, even those coming from one and the same batch, may vary slightly.
Streaks, as well as lighter or darker discolorations, are characteristic for architectural concrete.

Tiles from the new line are designed to make reference to tradition and its place in everyday life.
Their clean and clearly discernible form gives a feeling of authenticity.
Our tiles are a natural accompaniment to that style.
The raw texture of the brick face, as well the indentations, cavities and grooves in its surface, are all elements and details that we have allowed to be included to achieve an end effect of ageing and history inscribed into the material.

The overall effect can be completed with corner pieces in classic, window sill or lintel options.

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